ORFs1.0.0Find Open Reading Frames (ORFs)
GC Skew1.0.0Add a GC Skew plot.
CARD Resistance Gene Identifier1.0.0The Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database (CARD) Resistance Gene Identifier (RGI)
GC Content1.0.0Add a GC Content plot.
Plots1.0.0Upload plot data from a text file.
CGView Builder1.0.0Builds the initial CGView JSON file from a GenBank, EMBL, FASTA or raw sequence.
Prokka1.0.0Annotate the genome sequence with Prokka.
Proksee Assemble0.1.0Assemble sequencing reads with Proksee Assemble.
eggNOG Mapper0.1.0Find functional annotations for the selected sequences using eggNOG-mapper.
Features1.0.0Upload feature data from a text file.
BLAST1.0.1Perform a BLAST comparision with another genome sequence.