Below are are some common problems for users of Proksee. If your problem is not here please contact us with the details of your issue:

I get errors when submitting a GenBank file for a new project.

The GenBank file may not be formatted correctly. Try using GB2sequin to reformat the file:

  • Go to the GB2sequin website.
  • Under Input Files, click the Set File button and select your GenBank file.
  • Under Options, click the Start Conversion button.
  • Under Results, click the GenBank button to download the reformatted file.
  • Resubmit your reformatted GenBank file to Proksee.

How do I keep a caption centered in a circular map?

Click on the caption to bring up its details in the Sidebar and set the following options:

  • Position: Map.
  • Length Precent: 50.
  • Offset: 0.

The color picker does not show up when I click on a color swatch.

The color picker may be prevented from appearing by a content blocker. If you have a content blocker extension installed for your browser, try temporarily turning it off or add proksee.ca to the blocker's whitelist.