Tools : mobileOG-db
Public IDmobile_og_db
Short NamemobileOG-db
DescriptionFind mobile genetic elements (MGEs).
SoftwaremobileOG-db (beatrix-1.6)
CitationBrown CL, Mullet J, Hindi F, Stoll JE, et al. mobileOG-db: a Manually Curated Database of Protein Families Mediating the Life Cycle of Bacterial Mobile Genetic Elements. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2022 Sep 22;88(18)
CategoryMobile Genetic Elements
Added ByJason R. Grant
Created At2022-10-22 00:14:32 UTC
Updated At2023-08-29 17:44:51 UTC
Change Log
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prokan Tool Changelog: mobileOG-DB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v1.1.3 - 2023-08-29 - Fixed: adding results when none were found no longer hangs v1.1.2 - 2023-01-30 - mobileOD-db update - - Fixed: Empty results - Fixed: Missing query alignment v1.1.1 - 2023-01-27 - Job no longer fails if no results were found v1.1.0 - 2022-11-24 - Add ReportCard v1.0.0 - 2022-11-10 - Initial Release