Browser Compatibility

LinuxUbuntu 22.04108.0n/a108.0108.0
iOS/iPadOS16.1not tested16.2not testedn/a

Report Issues

If you have any issues with Proksee let us know at Please provde your OS and web browser name and version (e.g. Windows 11, Edge 106.0).

Known Issues

  • Safari 16.1 (macOS Ventura, iOS, iPadOS): Map features may draw incorrectly. A temporary solution is to turn off Show Feature Shading. This bug was fixed in Safari 16.2.
  • Safari 17.0, 17.1 (macOS Sonoma, iOS, iPadOS): Maps with GC Content/Skew plots may cause the page to hang. This bug was fixed in Safari 17.2.